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Fishing St Thomas - Black Pearl Sportfishing
Award Winning Charter Boat!

Black Pearl is a legendary award winning St Thomas and St John sport fishing charter boat and is one of the top three St Thomas fishing charters in the Virgin Islands offering daily USVI and BVI fishing charters, Billfish and Marlin Tournament fishing, and custom fishing trips for over 25 years, for serious fishermen to family friendly charters, leaving from St Thomas or St John.

The Virgin Islands is home to some of the best blue water Big Game fishing in the Caribbean, and was ranked #2 in the entire world for legendary Blue Marlin fishing on the Famous North Drop in 2009!


Dolphin/Dorado Yellow Fin Tuna Wahoo
Sailfish Blue Marlin
White Marlin
It's all here in the
US Virgin Islands!

Black Pearl which is fully professionally equipped and fully licensed, has been creating exceptional fishing charters for guests like you around St Thomas, St John and surrounding US Virgin and British Virgin Islands inshore and offshore.

Anyone can take you fishing, but our strength is our experience and knowledge. The crew of the Black Pearl knows where the best places are to fish and to hunt them down on any given day.


Whether you are a novice or experienced angler, and of course even a Pro, fishing aboard Black Pearl assures you complete confidence in your choice of a sport fishing charter boat for your fishing adventure during your visit to St. Thomas or St. John, Virgin Islands, even surrounding Islands BVI's, Spanish Main.

Experience a day of fishing you will always remember on board the Black Pearl with Capt. Jim because of his passion for hunting them down. Enough Said!


2015 Top Local Charter Boat "ABMT"

USVI Open/Atlantic Blue Marlin Tournament



Blue Marlin and Big Game Fishing at its Best in the

United States & British Virgin Islands of the Caribbean!


Blue Marlin Season is here June - October

Have you caught the Blues yet?


09/20/15 - Hello Everyone Marlin are here couple days left available for prime dates if you haven't reserved a date they want last 340-775-9982. Tight Lines!

09/15/15 - Wow starting the Sept. moon a little early but with Capt. Jim he is always on the hunt. They head out to the North Drop and John releases his 1st Blue Marlin at 250lb in the Morning and not long after his wife Paula gets hooked up and starts a great fight this one a little larger we think, after several minutes goes by she has about 500 yards of line out, and there has been and still is some weed and the Marlin took off crossing it Capt. Jim believes something cut the line possibly a barnacle in the weed due to new line just being put on, what a heartbreak for Paula and the crew but they were ready Black Pearl goes 1/2 on Blue Marlin. We still have a couple prime dates left for the Sept. Moon don't miss out make your reservations call 340-775-9982.


John's wife Paula dumping 5 gal. bucket of saltwater water on him keeping the tradition alive!

John's 1st Blue Marlin at about 250+lb Congratulations!


09/08/15 - The North Drop was very quiet today and being 9 days on the back side of the full moon it normally is, but Capt. Jim still believed that if he hunted long enough he would find a marlin and dang if he didn't! After quite a fight, unfortunately the Marlin got off leaving Black Pearl 0/1 but it was a great day everyone had a good time and that's what counts.


09/06/15 - Black Pearl was 0/1 on Blues today it was a nice fish put up a great fight the guest got some great video of the Marlin going crazy jumping according to Capt. Jim can't wait to see it. After a good fight they got her next to the boat and then pulled the hook what a bummer! Oh well sometimes that happens and you go look for the next one, but what is good is the fact they are still there. Fishing St. Thomas doesn't get a whole lot better than that!! Come to the Virgin Islands and experience Marlin fishing on the Famous North Drop.


09/04/15 - Black Pearl still raising the Blues on the North Drop Capt. Jim reports even though they were 0/2 one got sharked after a good fight and the other pulled the hooked. But, they did manage a wahoo out of the deal so they want go hungry anyway. We still have September and October moons left during season if you haven't made your reservations yet time is running out for those prime dates call 340-775-9982. TIGHT LINES!!

09/03/15 - Well Capt. Jim proved his point with the Bananas today after a long day with no sight of a Blue the mood was a little grim around 3:00 p.m. our 1st Mate found bananas in the galley and immediately through them overboard went up on the bridge and told Capt. Jim it wasn't 5 minutes after, and bam hooked up needless to say the Capt. just shook his head in dismay and the charter guest said OK you made a believer out of me! UNREAL never under estimate your Captain. When it says NO BANANAS that's exactly what it means!!!


09/02/15- Things a little slower on the drop today Black Pearl was 0/1 on Blues but everyone had a great time and that's what counts.


08/31/15 - WOW, what a day Black Pearl releases 3/3 Blue Marlin today and 1st Blue Marlin each for these South Carolina boys great job Russell Reynolds 450lb Blue Marlin, Mike Turbeville 350lb Blue Marlin, Wendell Reynolds 400lb Blue Marlin. What a way to keep fighting Crew after a week of two passing storms and a Tournament that almost went with the breeze!

Russell Reynolds - Mike Turbeville - Wendell Reynolds


08/30/15 - Black Pearl hangs on and pulls out 2015 TOP LOCAL CHARTER BOAT in the USVI Open/ABMT "Boy Scout" Blue Marlin Tournament. Congratulations Team Black Pearl, also to a father & son our 1st Mate Carlos Lindquist and Angler Lars Lindquist that released his 1st Blue Marlin approx. 350lb. with only a 45 minute fight that put Black Pearl on the board and that Blue didn't have a chance. Way to go TEAM BLACK PEARL!!

Lars Lindquist 350lb 1st Blue Marlin Nice Fish!




11/20/14 - It's "official" after the 11/2/14 VIGFC Wahoo Tournament Capt.. Jim with his beloved BLACK PEARL still holds the record for the largest documented Wahoo caught in St. Thomas Virgin Islands during the 2003 VIGFC Wahoo Tournament with the huge 94.1 lb beast. Good going Jim 14 year run so far keep em' trying every year!





st thomas deep sea fishing black pearlBlack Pearl 38ft Bertram Sportfisher




See Video below Fish On! St. Thomas St. John Virgin Islands Sport Fishing aboard Black Pearl!




Marlin Fishing St. Thomas Black PearlCapt. Jim creating his own Aqua Water while backing down on the Big Blue!




Black Pearl Marlin FishingBlack Pearl 2013 ABMT Tournament




Blue Marlin Fishing Black PearlFor the Reavis/Sherman Party just another Blue Marlin!




Fishing St Thomas 600lb Blue Marlin on Black PearlFriday 13th June 2014 on the Full Moon 600lb Blue Marlin Released on the South Drop Imagine That!




Congratulations to Bill and his son Leviathan that fished on Fathers Day 06/21/15 and caught their 1st Blue Marlin at a whopping 650lb+ the team fought the beast for 2:23 mins until the release was made, a picture is worth a thousand BRAGS!




Congratulations to Jerry on his 1st Blue Marlin a nice 425-450lb beauty caught on the North Drop 07/09/15.




Beautiful ride in from the Famous North Drop in the BVI's




Dancing Marlin on the North Drop must see to believe this experience!




Angler Mike Groves fights his Blue Marlin while 2nd Mate Edgar Bengoa doesn't let go for a beautiful release.




Scott caught a nice Wahoo and had a great dinner yummm!






























































Valerie splashing Brandon & keeping the water Tradition alive, No getting out of it on the

Black Pearl!

Brandons 1st Blue Marlin a North Drop 425lb on 08/20/15 Nice Birthday Present and Congratulations!






Blue Water Big Game Fishing in ST Thomas and ST John Virgin Islands

The Big Wahoooo 94.1 lb.



Black Pearl's video Fish On!


Deep Sea Fishing St Thomas at its Best

In the beautiful Caribbean Waters of the Virgin Islands





We know it is your choice and we thank you for taking your time to visit Black Pearls website.

Tight Lines,

Capt. Jim, Diane, & Crew